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Hazel Park, MI
Spring 2021

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Hayat Lab

Our cutting edge extraction laboratory has the capabilities to ensure the purest quality from extracted biomass and remediation, to bulk sales and white labeling. Our lab is your lab.

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The Hayat Promise


You can always expect honesty at every level of our operation from our direct communication to the results of our product testing.


Everything we do is fully compliant and our seasoned staff upholds professional  standards to the highest degree.


We stop at nothing to push the boundaries of creating the purest extracts—so your customers can trust your product’s ingredients.

Turnaround Time (TAT)

Your time won’t be wasted with us. Our responsive team works with you to efficiently fulfill your orders and stay on schedule.

Make extra money or save with our Stimulus Program

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Make extra money or save with our Stimulus Program

First time delivery special  
volume discounts

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