Grow With Us

We’ve curated an eclectic group of strains with its own unique cannabinoid profiles, terpenes, and flavonoids. Through genetic analysis and phenotyping, we’re able to personalize our strains with effects customers want to enjoy. 

Our vegetation and flower rooms contain a fully automated climate control system to personalize the exact temperature, humidity, lighting, and irrigation system required for each strain we grow.

We’ve established a sterile facility with staff wearing medical-grade attire and implementing strict pest management to ensure our babies are able to thrive optimally.

Do No Harm

We set high standards for ourselves as well as our customers. Using the Hippocratic Oath as our guiding principle, we do no harm and conduct our services with nothing but the best intentions for our patients and customers.

We take all precautions to create a sterile environment free of outside contaminants, leaving our lab untainted and allowing our professionals to create the purest of products.

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