Cannabinoid Ratios

Cannabinoid Ratios Part 1 of 2: Cannabinoid therapies are becoming more popular as the days go by. Currently, there are more than 35 states in the United States that have recognized cannabis as a medicine. In this two-part series, Cannabis Nurse discusses cannabinoid ratios in particularly CBD to THC ratios. There are many reasons in which cannabinoid ratios are important.

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Terpene Part 2

Terpenes Part 2: In the first installment of this two-part series, we took an in-depth look at what terpenes are, their importance, and a closer look at 5 of the most common terpenes in cannabis known as the major terpenes. In the second installment, we take a closer look at eight terpenes that are commonly found in cannabis yet less

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Terpenes Part 1: The term terpene is a prominent one that you will hear amongst cannabis consumers and patients these days. These plant compounds offer many benefits and are responsible for the unique flavors and aromas that are distinct to various cannabis varieties today. These plant compounds are also found in many plants throughout nature as well as fruits and

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ED and Cannabis

ED and Cannabis Erectile Dysfunction, or ED for short, is a condition that affects millions of men around the globe. This condition which is characterized by the inability to obtain and keep an erection is one that, like many others, may be able to be treated by cannabinoid therapies. Erectile dysfunction has five clinical root causes, including neurological disorders, vascular

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Natural Remedies for Menopause

Natural Therapies for Menopause While there are many known benefits of cannabis for women, there is a time in their lives in which cannabinoid therapies may be more beneficial than ever. During perimenopause and menopause, women experience many symptoms, including physical and mental ones that may be assisted with cannabinoid therapies. There is substantial scientific research that this period of

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Autoimmune Diseases and Cannabis Part 10 – Celiac Disease

Autoimmune Diseases and Cannabis Part 10 – Celiac Disease In the last installment of this 10-part series, we discuss a prevalent yet widely undiagnosed autoimmune disease by the name of celiac disease. Celiac disease varies from many other autoimmune diseases in the aspect that dietary changes can, in most cases, revert any damage as well as relieve all symptoms. That

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